About Us / Meet The Team

Golf God / Golf Goddess Clothing are unique brands producing stylish and high-quality golf clothing and casual wear for men and women. All clothing is made with high quality materials giving maximum comfort and breathability to aid performance on the course & whilst most brands charge through the roof for this standard of product, our aim is to provide quality items at low cost and affordable pricing, giving excellent value for money.  And most importantly be stylish of course!
Golf God Clothing  was founded in 2015 by owner Ed who is a keen golfer himself, with GGC being a reflection of Ed's love for golf as well as a way to express his quirky and creative ideas, making them come to life. In 2021, after a crazy year, lots of product testing and many message requests from lady golfers, we were very excited to launch "Golf Goddess" our new women's range. 
Golf God boasts an extensive collection of products in the range in various colours, styles and sizes. From hoodies and sweatshirts to polos and snapbacks we have something for everyone, with new items added each season to keep up with current trends and demand and Golf Goddess will of course follow suit now launched. 
We hope you love our products as much as we do. Happy Shopping!
From The GGC Team